Health Services


District Health Specialist:

Tobi Boyd, RN

Phone: (503)738-5586

Email Mrs. Boyd

District Health Specialist Assistant:

Meghan McKeown

Phone: (503)738-5161

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FALL 2022 COVID Guidelines


Did someone in your household test positive for COVID?

1. Have the COVID positive individual isolate as best as possible from everyone in the household who is not ill for a minimum of 5 days. Make sure any contact is brief and you wear a mask to help prevent spread of COVID to those within the household. (If COVID positive please report that to the following website by scrolling down till you see "Take Our Survey":

2. After the 5 days of isolation, if the person is symptom free for 24 hours, it is recommended that the COVID positive person wear a well fitting mask for an additional 5 days when returning to normal activities. If anyone in the household develops any symptoms during this time, please keep them home and test immediately. (If COVID positive please report that to the following website by scrolling down till you see "Take Our Survey" ).

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Clatsop County Public Health Department at (503)325-8500.

My child is sick... Now what? ¿Mi Hijo esta enfermo...ahora que?

Wellness Policy Assessment

School Wellness Policies are required by the U.S. Department of Agriculture from school districts receiving federally-funded school meals. These School Wellness Policies set goals for school-based activities that promote healthy eating, daily physical activity, and other wellness behaviors. Individual schools must implement the district policy but can also go above and beyond the policy to improve student health.

State Bill 895 and OAR 333-050-0010-0140 require school districts to report immunization statistics each Fall and Spring.  Immunization information is provided on the Seaside School District Website and in notices to the families of the Seaside School District.

If you have any questions about immunizations, please contact the Seaside School District Health Specialist, Tobi Boyd, at or 503-738-5586.