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Transportation Supervisor:
Anna Borges
Phone: (503) 738-7150
Email Ms. Borges

Call Transportation Dept. for Bus stop times or contact your school.


Snow Route

Snow Routes

Highway 53, Hamlet meet the Purple bus at Hamlet Quick Stop at 6:50am, 3:15pm, 4:15pm

Royal View Drive meet the bus at The Retreat Apartment, 2160 Lewis and Clark Rd

7:03 AM White K-5

2:55 PM White Pre-5

Transportation Reminders

  • Arrive at stop five minutes before pickup time
  • Dress appropriately since windows and vents will be open for fresh air
  • Kinders need to be met at the bus stop by an adult
  • For your students' safety, all are required to scan student ID to enter and exit the bus
  • Please carry a flashlight to your AM stop



Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) Information

Seaside School District has implemented a Student ID Bus Pass program that uses Tyler Drive technology for students who ride district buses to and from school. The purpose of this program is to allow Transportation Services (through the use of a secure App) to know when and where each student enters and exits the bus on their assigned route and, if needed contact trace. Student ID Bus Passes utilizes a passive RFID badge attached to a student’s backpack or a lanyard which communicates with the Bus Pass scanner located on the bus. Seaside School District provides this service at no cost.

The Student ID Bus Pass badge will serve as a bus pass for students using district provided transportation services. In accordance with OAR 581-021-0505, parents as well as students 14 and older, have the option to opt-out of the electronic monitoring capabilities of the Student ID Bus Pass program. If you do not want your student(s) to participate in the monitoring portion of the Student ID Bus Pass program, please see the attached Opt-out form.

RFID Opt-Out Form

Elementary Walking Zone Map

K-5 Walk Zone

K-5 Walk Zone